2nd World Conference on the Revitalization of the Mediterranean Diet: “Strategies towards more sustainable food systems in the Mediterranean region”. II Conferencia Mundial «Estrategias Hacia Sistemas Alimentarios Más Sostenibles en la Región Mediterránea”

The Mediterranean Diet as a Lever for Bridging Consumption and Production, in a Sustainable and Healthy Way
15-17 May 2019, Palermo, Italy

The scope of the Second World Conference is to continue strengthening the dialogue, with a science-based approach, between North and South Mediterranean countries, by linking food security and nutrition to sustainability, for a shift towards more sustainable food systems in the region, so as to ensure sustainable development for present and future generations. The Conference aims to better identify strategies, programs and actions that are able to provide solutions for coping with current critical challenges in the region towards more sustainable Mediterranean food systems, by bridging sustainable consumption and production (SCP) through the Mediterranean diet as a lever.

The Second World Conference is an affiliated project of the UN initiative «One Planet, Eat With Care», and is administered under the auspices of the CIHEAM, the International Mediterranean Diet Foundation (IFMeD), the Union for the Mediterranean (UFM), the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Region of Sicily, the city of Palermo, and the European Federation of Nutrition Societies. It is organized by CIHEAM Bari and the Forum of Mediterranean Food Cultures in collaboration with more than 20 associated entities, including the Nutrition Research Foundation (FIN), the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the Spanish Society of Community Nutrition (SENC).

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